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Joseph LAJAUNIE – Zulma PORCHE – David LEBLANC families of South Louisiana, United States of America (USA)

Zulma PORCHE [Marie Zulma PORCHE] first married Joseph LAJAUNIE on 19 March 1852 in St. Francis de Sales Church, Houma, Louisiana, and they had four children together (Josephine Zulme, Joseph Laurence, Amedee Lucien Joseph, Marie Adolphine). Several years after Joseph’s death, Zulma married David LEBLANC on 29 September 1866, and they also had four children (Wilford J, Augustine Marguerite, Furci Frederique Clet, Aimee Zulema).

Zulma PORCHE, listed as Mrs. Jos. Lajony [LAJAUNIE], age 28, on the 1860 U.S. Census, with her three surviving children, Josephine, age 7, Amedee, age 4, and Adolphina, age 1, residing in the 4th Ward, Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana (Houma Post Office), Census enumeration date, 20th July 1860. Although she is listed as married, her husband Joseph isn’t listed with the family and it’s presumed she was already a widow, Joseph having died about 1858.

Joseph Laurence LAJAUNIE, infant child of Zulma PORCHE and Joseph LAJAUNIE was born 29 Oct 1854 in Lafourche Parish, Louisiana, and died 16 Dec 1854, is buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana.

Zulma PORCHE married David LEBLANC, 29 Sept 1866, St Joseph Church, Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. David was a child of Casimir LEBLANC and Marguerite DAVID.

Augustine LEBLANC, b. 8 Jan. 1870, daughter of Zulma and David, married Adam Lazarre SAVOIS [aka SAVOIE]. They had two daughters, Lillie Marie and Maud Bridget. Augustine died in 1899. In 1900, Lillie, age 6, was in Mount Carmel Convent School in Thibodaux. Maud, age 2, was living with Zulma SAVOIS Delorette, her aunt, a sister of Adam SAVOIS.

Adam SAVOIS married Virginia BERGERON circa 1925. Virginia was the widow of Arthur J. AUCOIN. Virginia died 18 Dec 1948 in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Adam died 4 June 1951, also in New Orleans. He is buried with his daughter Maud, his stepson Normand Aucoin and Normand’s wife in Cypress Grove Cemetery in New Orleans.

Lillie Marie SAVOIS (aka Lilly Marie SAVOIS), born 17 February 1893 in Terrebonne Parish, never married and died of pulmonary tuberculosis in New Orleans on 17 September 1925. Her place of interment isn’t listed on her death certificate but the certificate does name Augustine LEBLANC and Adam SAVOIS as her parents.

Maud Bridget SAVOIS, born 30 November 1894 in Lafourche Parish, second daughter of Augustine LEBLANC and Adam SAVOIS, married Joseph Junius MOORE. Maud was buried 27 Oct 1993, in Cypress Grove Cemetery, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana. Joseph died 20 April 2001 in Houma, Terrebonne Parish. Their son, Joseph Junius MOORE Jr. married L. L. PORCHE. Joseph Jr. died 21 Dec 2007 in Florida.

Maud SAVOIS was the informant on her twice-widowed father’s death certificate and signed as Mrs. Joseph J. MOORE.

Updated 22 June 2017