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I’m researching the GEORGE family who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, during the 1800s and moved to Newark, New Jersey. about 1897.   I’ve followed their trail to Pensacola, Florida (1907), Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.  The HORTON Family has roots in Massachusetts.

Wendell GEORGE married Blanche HORTON, 16 July 1888, in Camden, New Jersey. Wendell and Blanche were born in Philadelphia, as were several of their oldest children: Harry Dauth GEORGE, b. 25 Nov 1888 d. 16 Jan 1889; Dora May GEORGE, b. 31 Mar 1890 d. 24 June 1890; and Elmer Ellsworth GEORGE, b. 13 Nov 1892. Son Charles GEORGE was born in Pennsylvania, January 1896, but it’s uncertain where. He could have been born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where his grandparents were living.

Wendell’s father, Israel Lewis GEORGE was born in Pennsylvania, possibly Philadelphia, and his mother, Elizabeth HORTON, was born in Rhode Island.

Blanche’s father, Daniel HORTON, was born in Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New Jersey, and her mother Lucy Ann CRISSY, was born in Rhode Island and died in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, in 1926.

As of this moment, I still searching for information of their ancestors and descendants, and am especially looking for the exact location of the birth of their son Charles George, born January 1896, in Pennsylvania. Also especially looking for ancestors of Israel George, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Nellie Gertrude GEORGE, daughter of Wendell and Blanche, was born 5 Nov 1901, in New Jersey, died 24 August 1986, married Harry Clayton Mabry, 16 April 1919, in Orange County, Texas, and later lived in Biloxi, Mississippi, where they are buried.

Another daughter, Blanche George, was born in Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida, on 2 September 1907. At least two other children were born and died to this couple before 1900.

No death date or location has been found for Wendell GEORGE.

Wendell’s wife, Blanche C. HORTON George, moved to Texas, possibly living in Corpus Christi, Port Arthur, Houston, and Kerrville. At the time of her mother’s death in 1926 she was listed as Mrs. Blanche WALLACE in the obituary. Blanche C. HORTON died as Blanche WALLACE, May 1945, and is buried in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Wesley Hill GEORGE, eldest child of Elizabeth HORTON and Israel GEORGE, and brother of Wendell GEORGE, was married three times. Born about April 1850, he first married Sarah Maxwell ASHWORTH (“Sallie”)(17 May 1870 in Philadelphia). They had one child, Clara, born 12 July 1871, died 19 May 1872, in Philadelphia, age 10 months. Sarah aka “Sallie” died 3 March 1872 in Philadelphia.

Wesley married Wilhelmina Pauline Anna BUDNITZ, known as “Paulina”, on 5 January 1873, in Philadelphia.  She was born 7 August 1855 in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania and died 17 June 1906 in Philadelphia. Her remains were interred in North Cedar Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia.  Her parents were from Germany. Wesley and Pauline had a son William C. GEORGE, who was born about November or December 1873 and died 30 Jun 1880 in Philadelphia at the age of 6 years, 7 months. Their second son, Wesley Hill GEORGE Jr. was born 03 Feb 1875 in Philadelphia. Wesley Jr.  died in early December 1941, and was buried 03 Dec 1941, Odd Fellows Cemetery, Grave 6, Block 5, South 1 int., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is a defunct cemetery. His remains may be in the Memorial Park section of Lawnview Cemetery, in Rockledge, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, or Mount Peace Cemetery, Philadelphia.

Wesley’s third marriage was to a French-Canadian woman named Anna Theresa Theberge, about 1906-1907. They were still married at the time of Wesley’s death 3 April 1928, in New Jersey. Anna died 1 July 1947 in Trenton, New Jersey.  They are buried in the Theberge grave in Riverview Cemetery, Trenton, New Jersey.


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